Naruto Pornography Story: Naruto’s cheque methods ch11

Naruto Pornography Story: Naruto’s cheque methods ch11

When is she coming back? Was the question Naruto told himself for almost a week after his intercourse with Yamanaka Ino. He waited a week without going after her, a week without her curvy body, a week without her perfectly shaped breast and a week without her nice ass and tight pussy. Feeling that a week was enough he needed to think up of a better plan.

One that cannot be simply broken, or fail right there and then, besides thinking of Ino, Naruto also made up another plan over the week, being as he is loaded of waiting five days without sex this one was sure to work. He’ll have to wait for Ino if he ever wants to do her. For now it’s all attention on the plan and the girl who’s going to fall for it.

It’s another hot night in Konoha, over the week it’s been getting kind of hotter than usual, that even changes had to be made forcing store owners to stay open till late night, fruit rotted faster and other water shortages.

Some changes were small and some were big but here at Konoha’s hospital their change was a little different than usual.

Like any other day it’s a hot night. Sakura and some other nurse have today’s late night shifts. She just barely got here after taking a cold shower for today. Sakura walked around the building trying to find the other nurse she supposedly was working with tonight.

All the lights of the hospital were off except the patient’s life support so it wouldn’t get hot.

Turn after turn each hall she entered no one was around. Sakura decided that maybe she was at the top floor and went upstairs to check it out. As she reached the final floor again she walked in circles trying to find the other nurse.

“Where the hell is the nurse?” She said looking desperately around. “It’s freaking hot tonight. I should go down and get a drink.” She thought.

She saw no one and didn’t want to scream for the patients will wake up. Deciding to call it quits she turned around heading for the door. She grabbed the handle and was about to open it when someone poked her on the back.

Sakura turned her head to see a blonde hair nurse in a short skirt, heels and a tight shirt showing her cleavage perfectly for a guy to see. She was holding some folded clothes in her hands and looked at Sakura but to her she couldn’t see her face, it was too dark.

“Sorry, I’ve been looking for you.” The nurse said.

“Me too I was going up and down looking for you.” She talked back.

Sakura looked at the clothes in her hand and pointed at it.

“What’s that?” She asked confused.

The nurse looked at her hands and remembered what she was told to do.

“What this? This is the new outfit we were given to where by the Hokage. Being as it has been hot for weeks this is our new nurse late shift outfit.” She said.

She threw her arms out putting it in front of her face.

Sakura grabbed it and then looked at her and the outfit she was in. “You got to be kidding me?” She thought.

“Go on, try it!” She asked excitedly.

Sakura looked at her while holding the outfit in one hand and waving with the other. “No no I’m okay, it’s not that actually hot today.” She said lying through her teeth.

“Just go on, this room is empty.” She said pointing at the one in front of them.

Sakura stopped and thought about it. “Well it is really hot today and now that my breasts are growing they feel like they need more room. Plus its late night I don’t think anyone would see.”

Sakura decided to go for it and try it on. She walked to the door and entered it locking it behind her. Seeing as the room was empty she kept the lights off just in case. She took all her clothes off putting on the new outfit. Her breast popped up a little but the air flowing through made it feel better and the air going up the skirt too, since she wasn’t wearing any panties.

Although the skirt was a little too short she can live with it. She curved her body so she can look behind her back seeing that her thighs went great with the skirt at least and it made her ass look a little bigger.

She walked outside seeing the nurse with a clipboard in her arms.

The nurse smiled at her. “You look outstanding in it.” She said.

“Thank you.”

“While you were changing I got a patient you need to look at right now.” She said handing her the clipboard.

Sakura grabbed it and started looking through the papers, seeing what his injury was. She scatted around the words and found out that the patient got a 1st degree burn on the left side of his face and the whole chest and arms.

The nurse looked at her seeing that she finally read his injuries. “He is room 501, on the other side of this floor. I think his name is… Uchiha Sasuke. He’s been here for almost an hour before you got here.” She said.

Sakura eyes went wide and looked at the nurse seeing if she was lying. Seeing her seriously she looked at her clipboard and read the name Uchiha Sasuke.

The nurse turned around and opened the door heading down stairs to the lobby.

As soon as the door closed she dashed through the halls looking for room 501, the one Sasuke was in.

“What happen to my sweet heart? He said he wasn’t going to get hurt.” She thought nervously as she was getting closer to the room.

She made a turn on the hallway and read the door number 510. She ran all the way down passing 9 doors and finally reaches it.

She opened the door and there she saw Sasuke’s body in bandages from the whole face and upper chest along with his arms. She walks up to the bed and places the clipboard in a slot by the sides of the bed. She placed her hands on top of his chest.

He’s asleep… the nurse said he’s been here for an hour before me, so he must already be fine since he heals faster than other people.” She thought.

She gave out a big sigh, glad that it wasn’t too bad.

“Thank god he’s fine. I would love to wake you up with a kiss but your whole face is wrapped up in bandages.” She said to herself. “Maybe I should wake him up with something I’ve been thinking of?” She said to herself.

She walked to the door to close it and came back to his side.

Sakura bends over the bed taking off the sheets and grabbing his pants to pull them out too. She left him in his boxers and reaches inside grabbing his dick and pulling it out.

“Wow! He’s really big and long.” She said to herself.

Sakura put his tip in her mouth and started licking the bottom going up. She grabbed him with both arms and started to go deep finding it impossible to take him whole.

Sasuke raised his hand and grabbed her ass.

Sakura jumped taking his dick out of her mouth and looked to see whose hand it was.

She smiled. “I’m glad you’re awake. Do you like this?” She asked.

Sakura went back to sucking his dick as Sasuke squeezed her ass and traveled down her skirt. Feeling her nice thighs he went up and found her pussy starting to get wet. He entered two fingers and fingered her as she sucked his dick.

Sakura kept on using her tongue to lick around. She went deep and came sliding up her head as her tongue wet his sides. She stopped at his tip and looked at it carefully, put her tongue on top of the whole and licked inside it feeling it hot.

Sasuke let his fingers out of her pussy and put it on his chest. While Sakura was busy giving an amazing blowjob, he reached for the end of the strap on the bandage and started to pull around lifting his head so it can go around.

Sakura went back down on him not noticing he pulled out his fingers and pulled back out amazed how long and thick he was. She stroked him a few times spread her saliva around his tip and went back down on him.

Sasuke finally had his bandages off and his face was perfectly seen.

“Fuck I’m gonna cum on you face!” He said in a weird voice.

Sakura pulled out. “Cum on me!” She said as she stroked him faster.

Then it hit her that he just said something but didn’t sound like him at all. While her instincts kept stroking him she turned her head and saw not black hair but spike blonde hair.

Sakura was confused and moved her gaze down to his face. She went eye wide went she found out it wasn’t Sasuke she was giving a blowjob to, it was Naruto with a big smirk on his face.

She automatically stopped, surprised that it was him.

Naruto started to shoot his cum on her cheeks and the side of her hair. Sakura turned her head to see what that hot feeling was and sees that that he was shooting his cum on her face. Since she turned her head she got more on her mouth and nose.

Naruto quickly rolls off the other side of the bed while Sakura was still in shock.

He walks around the bed and stops behind her.

Sakura quickly grabs the sheets on the bed and starts wiping her face with it.

“It’s disgusting! Hard to get it off my hair and it’s sticky… and the smell is weird.” She said talking while wiping her face.

While Sakura was bending over to use the sheets to clean her face, Naruto grabs her waist with one hand and with the other he lifts up her skirt a little and puts his tip at the entrance of her vagina.

Sakura stops what she was doing and turns around to see him. Feeling his tip at her entrance she already knew what it was. “No don’t!” She said out loud.

Naruto shoves his dick up her wet pussy tearing right through her and starts fucking her. Naruto went fast, loving the feeling of her hot tight pussy. Feeling her walls move aside as he hit her G-spot.

“AH AH! DON’T YOUR SO BIG! AH! YA YOU’RE AH! AH! FUCK!” Sakura screamed still looking back as she felt him go through her.

To Sakura it happened so fast. She was giving a blowjob and the next minute she’s getting fucked so fast she started to cum so quickly.

Naruto kept on going as he started to feel her wet juice.

“You already came? I’m not surprised.” He said as he kept on going.

Sakura didn’t even realize it till he told her. The next second she started to feel it going down her legs. She was surprised that he got her to cum so fast. She didn’t even look back anymore and grabbed onto the sheets letting him have his way with her since he was going too fast to even stop.

“AH! NARUTO! PLEASE STAH! STOP THIS!” She screamed trying to stop him but he didn’t.

With her juice down her thighs she started to feel weak from her legs. Naruto loved her pussy getting tighter and wetter the more he went.

“This feels great! Your pussy is really wet! Can’t you hear that?” He said.

Sakura started to hear a wet squishy sound and the sound of his sack hitting her thighs. She didn’t want to but her body kept on cumming.

Naruto kept on going feeling his dick tense up. He let go of her waist with one hand and started to slap her ass. He stopped and grabbed it feeling her soft skin and traveled down her thighs seeing how thick they were.

“Wow you grew Sakura. Hopefully your tight ass didn’t.”He said as he kept on going.

Sakura got more scared now that he said he was going to fuck her in the ass. She didn’t know what to do but squeeze her legs together making it tighter for him. Not even thinking she also started to move in circular motion making it better for him.

Naruto let go of her ass and grabbed her waist.

“Fuck I’m gonna cum!” He said.

“AH AH! NO DON’T!” She said trying to stop him.

Naruto kept on going faster as this would be the first time he unloads his savings of a week. He bends over her feeling his body getting tired.

“Fuck this is it!” He said as he bucked up.

“AH AH AAAAAHHHHHH!” Sakura screamed.

Naruto blew his cum in her shooting straight. He filled her up in seconds and it started to gush out of her pussy and down in between her legs along side with hers.

Sakura panted heavily as her face and whole body was sweaty of all his doing.

Naruto kept on shooting not even pulling out till he was done.

“This pussy was the best to unload.” He said.

Sakura was surprised that he came in her but more surprised on how much he came. She could already tell there was a puddle of cum under her feet.

Naruto finally pulled out. She was too tired to stand up and smack him, too tired that she didn’t even resist when he grabbed her and put her on the bed. Naruto got on top too and laid himself and placed her on top with her facing him.

He entered her quickly and got big again while inside of her. He started to thrust up making her tits jump up for him to see.

Sakura was tired she slung back as her chest popped up making them look bigger for him to see. Naruto kept on starring at her tits seeing her nipples point out.

Sakura finally got her back straight up and realized she was on top of him. She already felt his length straight up her hot pussy and that her tits her jumping getting him horny.

Right when she was about to grab them Naruto grabbed her arms so she couldn’t reach and fucked her more.

“No don’t let’s stop this.” She said.

“Why don’t you like this?” He asked.

“No!” She said back.

“Liar! Look you’re the one bouncing on my cock.” He said.

Sakura looked down to see that he stopped thrusting up her pussy and that indeed she was jumping on his dick. She couldn’t help but stop herself. She just started to love his penis, loving it tear through her and filling her up. She already knew she wanted more and decided to just keep on jumping.

Sakura now started to jump faster and Naruto already knew she wanted more. He reached over and grabbed her shirt and pulled it down letting her tits dangle. He grabbed her nipples and started rubbing them.

“Damn Sakura you grew here too.” He said as he rubbed her more.


Sakura stopped bouncing and let her cum pour down his shaft. Naruto grabbed her waist and now he started fucking her. Feeling that she came made him cum too. He came in her again and they both stopped.

Sakura leans toward on him. Naruto pulled himself out and turned her around with her back on top of him. He grabbed her shirt and pulled it out letting the buttons rip and he threw it to the side. He grabbed her tits from under feeling them and playing with them.

“So… come on Sakura let’s do this.” He said.

Sakura already knew her answer. “Come on then, fuck me with your big fat cock.” She said.

She got off of him and stood by the bed as did Naruto. He walked up in front of her and wrapped his hands around her waist and started making out with her. Invading her mouth and feeling her tongue he pushed her against a wall and stopped making out. He grabbed her leg and lifted it up in the air placing it on his shoulders.

He enters her pussy and starts fucking her wide open. Sakura puts her hands on her legs and one on her shoulder. Naruto fucks her pussy feeling it very wet.

Sakura drops her leg and Naruto grabs her thighs from the back and lifts her up pushing her against the wall. She wrapped her legs around his waist and used them to push his torso more in when he thrusted.

Naruto had his face in front of her tits while he kept on thrusting in. Sakura grabs his head and pushes him closer letting him feel how soft they are. He kept on fucking her curving his dick up as he went in deep.

Sakura just grabbed on tight letting him fuck her like he wanted.


“Me too!” He said.

Naruto kept on going as Sakura was releasing her cum onto his dick. Naruto too shot it load in her filling her up again. They started to slow down as they hear splats on the floor of his cum.

Naruto let go of her thighs and lowered her to the ground. He turned her around and pushed her against the wall and used his foot to separate her legs to the sides.

He got closer to her and whispered in her ear.

“Now I’m gonna fuck this ass! I’m gonna fill it up just like your pussy.” He said as he grabbed her ass cheeks and moved them to the side. He saw her hole and entered his tip and started fucking her sending vibrations up her ass making her cheeks jiggle.

Naruto grabbed her arms placed his hands on top of hers stretching her arms out.

Sakura gritted her teeth taking his big dick up her ass. She latterly felt herself ripped apart and bleeding from the inside.

“FUCK! NARUTO! NARUTO! AW FUCK!” She screamed in pain.

Naruto kept on going stretching her from the insides. He started to go faster and harder as his penis pushed her to wall making a banging sound. He started to feel her wet from her ass and felt himself at his climax.

“Fuck Sakura! I’m gonna cum! I’m gonna fill you up!” He said as he kept on going.

Sakura was trying her best to hold on. Finally Naruto blew his load in her. He stopped as did she, feeling his cum slide against her walls and down her legs. Naruto kept on thrusting a bit pushing his cum more in deep.

He pulled out of Sakura’s ass to see that his dick was covered in a little blood. He starred at her ass to see a line of his cum and a little of her blood going down.

Sakura pushed herself away from the wall and walked slowly to the bed limping. She got on the bed sitting down and turned around. Naruto starred at her.

“Are you alright Sakura?” He asked.

“I’m fine. Come here and fuck me up my ass again.” She said.

Naruto walked up the bed as Sakura laid herself down and spreads her legs. Naruto grabbed her ankles and lifted them up placing her legs on his shoulders. He lined himself up with her ass and entered it again and started fucking it.

Sakura was moving alongside the sheets of the bed feeling her tits moving in circular motion. Naruto grabbed her thighs and started thrusting in her faster getting in deep.


Naruto did what he was told and fucked her ass. He pushed himself closer and leaned forward grabbing her tits while he pumped himself in her.

“Fuck this ass feels great!” He said.


Naruto started to move around in different angles feeling against one wall to another. Sakura squeezed her muscles tighter giving restriction to Naruto but he forced himself in.

“Fuck I’m gonna cum!” He said filling her ass up with his whole cock.

He came in her again filling her up. He finished and pulled out of her. Sakura panted heavily feeling air go in her ass since she is now stretched.

She gets off the bed and turns around and makes a V with her legs. She turns around looking at Naruto.

“Fuck my hot dripping pussy.” She said.

Naruto walks up to her and places his hands on her back. He enters her pussy from the back feeling it wet already and started thrusting. Sakura just loved his cock and reached back grabbing her ass cheeks and spreading herself wider.

“I WANT MORE!” She demanded.

Naruto entered his whole length in her feeling his limit and thrusted again. He grabbed Sakura from the hair and pulled her head back.

“You want this bitch?” He asked.

“YES FUCK ME!” She said.

Naruto kept a hold on her head and thrusted faster and harder in her. He then let go and grabbed her ass grabbing it as he felt himself go in deeper. He looked down seeing his length go out and entirely back in.


Naruto kept his pace at fucking her. He started to feel his penis get hot from the tip and down the shaft as her juice came pouring out of her. He let go of her ass with one hand and reached down feeling her juice along his fingers.

“Fuck you’re really wet!” He said.

Naruto pulled out and got on his knees getting her pussy just how he likes them. He grabbed her ass and dug his face up her vagina. Feeling it come down on his face he opened his mouth and let his tongues slide in her.

Sakura winced feeling his long tongue in her.

“Oooooo… how do you do that?” She asked.

“All she heard was the slurping of her juice. Naruto made sure he got it all in his mouth. He stood up and she did too turning around facing him.

Naruto you’re amazing!” She said.

She looked down at his dick to see it still long and strong.

“Fuck! I can’t believe I was fucked by this.” She said as she was on her knees.

“Do you want a facial?” He asked.

“Whatever it is sure.” She said agreeing with it.

Naruto grabbed his penis and shoved it in her mouth. Sakura grabbed it as he let go and started sucking it with both her hands. She pulled out and raised her chest.

“I want you to fuck my tits.” She said.

Naruto reached down and grabbed both of them and put himself in between. He started to thrust up as Sakura grabbed them again and stroked him. Seeing the tip in front of her mouth she started sucking it.

After a while Naruto pulled up and put it again in her mouth. Sakura grabbed him with both hands and started sucking his dick going deep. She went as far as she can go feeling her mouth stretched to its limits and his head hitting her throat.

Naruto pulled back and started masturbating in front of her face. Sakura waited patiently for him to cum.

“Here I come Sakura.” He said.

She closed her eyes and waited for it.

Then all of a sudden the door smashes open and there in the dark is the nurse and some guys next to her. Sakura quickly turned her head right before Naruto shot his cum on her face. He completely got her on the right side of her face even her hair. She turned around and got another shot on her face getting her eyes and mouth. She turned her head and Naruto kept masturbating getting every bit out.

“No don’t turn your head!” He said as Sakura turned her head getting more on her hair.

Naruto pointed down getting her tits also. A week worth really last long, he blasted more on her chest covering her tits completely. Naruto finally finished and dash to grab his clothes. He quickly put on his pants and shirt and slides in his shoes. He ran to the window and opened it. He turned around and jumped out into the streets.

Sakura got mad that he left but forgot that she got caught and turned her head. A big puff of smoke was there in their place indicating that those were just clones including the nurse.

She at least relaxed now and stood up looking at herself completely covered in cum.

“Argh! He completely covered me in it. He even got my hair… fucking NARUTOOOO!” She screamed.

In the streets Naruto turned his head.

“Glad I got out of that mess.” He said as she turned around and went for home.

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