Naruto Pornography Story: Naruto’s bank check methods ch10

Naruto Pornography Story: Naruto’s bank check methods ch10

Two days has passed since he had sex with Kurenai. Tired as fuck when he got to his apartment he just fell on the floor and slept there all day. Waking up during the day he took a shower and waited the rest of the day in his room trying to keep cool. Seems to him that Konoha is in an oven right now, although it’s getting dark the heat wave still goes on.

Damn this heat! I can’t even think with all this hot air around!” Naruto thought angrily while rolling around.

He was standing on top of his apartment where there was more air but it didn’t change a thing.

Argh… maybe I should’ve waited coming back to Konoha. Pretty sure Danzou would be cool with it though… speaking of him, what should I do if we meet again. Maybe he has another sinister plan? Eh, who cares I’ll just wait for that day to come.” Naruto thought as he stood up looking over at Konoha’s markets with their lights on.

It’s finally getting dark and most of them were already closing.

“Wait a sec… now that I’m back in Konoha, there are so many choices on who I can fuck now but, the question is who comes first?” Naruto said as he looked at the markets.

“Well Kurenai, I already did her… or Tsunade too but, I should be careful with that one… what about Ino? She got a nice ass that looks very fuckable.” Naruto said as he thought it over.

He jumped off his apartment’s roof and landed on another. He looked at the market.

If I remember correctly, I think she works in a flower shop.” He thought to himself.

Set on his new goal, Naruto jumped on to another roof as he dashed to the plaza in search for her flower shop. Reaching the plaza, he walked around the edges of the buildings looking for it. Naruto stopped as he finally found it and looked around to see another route in.

There it was, the Yamanaka Flower Shop. Only two stories high, it stands out from the rest of the other tall buildings. With one alley way on its right Naruto already knew where to enter it. He jumped off landing in front of it. As he walked into the alley he peeked through the window seeing Ino, the only one working there, helping out to what he thinks is the last customer.

He walked passed it reaching the back and saw a door to enter through.

Naruto slowly opened the door enough for him to enter and crept inside closing it after him. Quite so Ino wouldn’t hear him, he walked pass through a room full of shelves on each side with pots and flowers on each side. He reached the end of the room that led him behind the counter where the register was. Naruto popped his head out slowly looking around.

There at the front door was Ino helping an old lady.

“Bye… and please come again!” Ino said waving back at the last customer. She closed the door and locked it meaning Naruto came in the right time. Ino finished locking the door securely and closed the windows by closing the curtains and turned around heading behind the register completely un-aware of Naruto in the back room.

Giving her back to him Naruto finally peeked his head out, looking at every inch of her body from head to toe, seeing her big ass round as a peach he got excited and started wondering what crazy things he can do to her ass. Naruto started to feel his pants tighten up seeing that the tights she was wearing were almost about to rip off and decided to act quickly.

Ino opened the register and started counting the money.

“What a boring day it was today. Nothing ever happens here, nothing amazing.” She said as she finished counting the money and placed it back in the register.

“Can’t believe it’s still this hot! God! At least now that we are closed I can take my shirt off.” She said talking to herself.

She slowly started to unbutton her little purple shirt and opened it up showing her round tits covered in a fishnet shirt. Ino then took off her fishnet shirt letting her breasts breathe some fresh air.

She looked down on her chest and grabbed her tits then dropped them letting them jiggle. From the back all Naruto saw was the roundness of her tits that showed off to the sides.

“Argh… I got sweat all over my breast, even under them and my whole body feels sweaty too… damn heat wave!” She said to herself.

Naruto got more erected listening to her. He felt his pants tighten up more and started rubbing it against his leg.

Ino has one nice round ass I can’t even wait to thrust my cock in there.” He thought to himself.

“This heat *sigh* is driving me crazy…” She said to herself as she pressed her hand up against her belly and started to slowly go down under her skirt and tights. “…It’s making me so hot right now.”

Ino felt her hairs the more she went down and finally felt her hot pussy. She started rubbing the sides of it making her close her eyes and slouch her head back as she found the pleasure she’s been looking for.

“Ah… mm… this feels so good!” She mumbled.

Naruto stopped rubbing himself and looked at Ino. “Looks like I’m not the only one feeling frustrated of this damn heat… and seems to me she too wants to get fucked right now.” He thought.

Ino started to enter her fingers feeling the sides of her own vagina.

Naruto came out of the back room slowly without her noticing him. He finally unzipped his pants and let his cock out shooting straight up behind her.

“Ah… I’m getting really wet!” Ino said still with her eyes closed.

Naruto walked closer to Ino but not to close or his plan will fail. He slowly put his hand next to her belly making sure he didn’t touch her skin or arm and went down. He entered under her tights and reached her vagina as well.

Ino quickly stopped her movements as she felt another finger rub her pussy violently. She didn’t even tell him to stop but looked back to see Naruto working his way with her insides.

N… Naruto! What oh… are you doing here?” She said as her face was getting red that he caught her masturbating.

Ino was going to remove her arm to remove his but was quickly stopped when Naruto grabbed her waist and let his penis slide through her thighs.

Now he stared fingering her pussy to change her mind.

“You know you like this.” He said still fingering her.

Naruto started to feel Ino warm and wet.

Ino turned her head around forgetting about Naruto. “It’s too damn hot to even argue.” She said joining Naruto as she started rubbing her sides again while he fingered her.

“Mm… feels so good Naruto!” She moaned as she now put her fingers as well.

Ino looked back at Naruto. “Please don’t tell this to anyone.”

“Don’t tell what… to anyone?” He said playing with her.

“That ah you caught me masturbating.” She replied.

“Sure but… if you decide to give me a blowjob and let me fuck you here in your flower shop I might change my mind.” He said while still fingering her.

“That mm… isn’t fare.” She said.

“Well then that sucks for you.” He said.

“Ok… I’ll give you a blowjob but that’s it.” She said.

Even though she was willing to give him a blowjob she felt that there might be more than just that.

Naruto let go of her waist and took off his clothes. He then reached to grab her tits and started feeling those hard nipples of hers with one hand while the other was fingering her. Ino stood there letting him have control over her body and then she suddenly remembered his cock between her legs and started to squeeze her thighs.

Naruto felt her squeeze his dick and fought back by rubbing himself against her pussy. Ino couldn’t help but quiver as she felt a huge cock rub up against her.

“Aw yes… this is too good… I’m really horny!” Ino moaned as she started dripping wet for Naruto who couldn’t help but smile.

“Wow Ino, your really wet… I can feel it reaching my dick.” He said feeling her wetness through her tights.

Ino now had her turn of

“*Sigh* I’m done Naruto… but now it’s my turn to give you a blowjob.” She said taking a few steps forward letting his dick out of her thighs.

She made a twirl to face him as she finally saw Naruto. She was surprised to see his long vigorous rod standing straight. She walked up to him and got down on her knees. She looked at his dick and then at him. With her right hand she grabbed it and started to stroke him up and down feeling his hardness. Naruto closed his eyes as he relaxed feeling the soft touch of her hands going up and down.

“Mm… Ino your hands are so soft.” He said feeling her hands grab on tight to him.

Ino looked up at Naruto smiling that he liked what she was doing. She put the tip in front of her mouth and started sucking it like a hungry school girl. She grabbed him by one hand while she sucked the part she couldn’t grab.

Naruto looked down at her feeling her hot saliva all around his dick.

Ino looked up while she worked on his dick. With one hand she grabbed her breast and started rubbing it for her own pleasure. Naruto was happy that he finally had a chance to cool off of this scorching heat by getting a blow job by Ino. Her tongue rubbed against the bottom of his shaft which felt better then he would’ve thought.

Naruto started to feel his climax soon the more she sucked his dick. He grabbed her behind the head and pushed her so he can come faster but Ino pulled away letting his dick out of her mouth. She stood up looking at him.

“Sorry Naruto but for doing that I’m not gonna let you cum.” She stated.

Naruto looked at her with a whiny face. “Come on! I was on the verge of cumming!” He said.

“Not gonna happen here.” She said crossing her arms.

Naruto looked at her and at his unsatisfied erection. Ino too did see his penis still strong as ever and decided that maybe she was being too rough.

“Alright I’ll forgive you. But no blow job here. Let’s just go to your apartment.” She said as she grabbed her clothes putting her shirts back on.

Naruto was happy but then looked again at his dick. “What about this? How am I gonna hide this?” He said pointing at his erection which could easily be spotted out.

“I don’t know. Not my problem.” She said as she turned around to check if everything on the counter was in check.

Naruto starred at her ass and got an idea. He put his pants back on but let his penis out through the zipper.

While Ino was giving her back to him he walked behind her and got on his knees. “I got an idea just go with it.” He said as he took a kunai out and cut a hole where her ass would be. He positioned his tip where the hole would be.

Ino looked back to see what he did to her tights. “What the hell ar!”

Naruto shoved his dick up her ass, completely hiding his whole length. It worked just as he planned.

Ino who was in complete shock didn’t even decide to move as he might hurt her being as this is her first time up the ass. “N… Naruto what the fuck!” She said making her hands into fists.

Naruto grabbed her waist and thrusted in and out. “Damn this feels comfortable.” He said feeling her walls from around.

“Why did you do that?” She asked.

Naruto just grabbed her waist and walked backwards. Ino followed his steps.

“There, this should hide my cock.” He said.

“You mean you want to go walking like this to you apartment?” She asked.

“Well yeah, your skirt can hide the stuff that’s uncovered and if people see us they might think we’re hugging.” He said.

“Do you think that stupid idea will work!” She screamed at him.

“If you don’t like that we can just walk through the alleys. You’re the one that gave me blue balls so just take this as even.” He said solving her problem.

Naruto turned her around pushed her to the door way as they walked to it. Ino felt very wobbly as if someone was holding her at knife point. She walked slowly to the door and stopped before going out.

“Take these alleys if you don’t want to go through the streets.” He told her.

Ino took her first step and found that maybe she can pull this off. Although it felt impossible with him in her she started to feel the ease in anal.

Naruto pushed her forward as they walked in an awkward way.

Ino started to walk faster as she moved her legs faster while Naruto felt her walls from one side to another as she took step by step. They finally got to the end of the block and moved onto the next.

“Fuck this is awesome! It feels like your tight ass is jacking me off!” He said as they kept on walking.

As they approached the end of the alley Ino felt that they would get there in no time while naruto was on the verge of cumming in her already. She started to slouch as they walked when all of a sudden a guy comes out of nowhere and passes right by them. Ino who was caught by surprise stood up straight getting stiff as she squeezed his dick.

“Fuck!” He said not surprised that a guy came out of nowhere but surprised how tight her ass got again. Naruto started to shoot his load up her ass while Ino just stood still letting him spill inside of her while a guy passed by.

“Ah! You dick.” She whispered.

The feeling of something hot in her made Ino surprised but got more surprised as she felt it come out of her ass and down her legs. Naruto went limp again but decided to leave it in.

As the guy finally left out of view Ino turned around.

“You bastard why did you cum in me?” She asked.

“Sorry, your ass got fucking tight I had to cum.” He answered.

Ino just pushed it to the side since it could’ve gone worse and moved on to the next block. Now that he was limp she felt more ease in walking faster and sped up to get to his house faster. Ino started to feel his cum down her legs and walked faster. Over time Naruto started to get another erection while still in her. Ino felt him grow inside of her, feeling his tip plunge in deeper but instead of the pain she felt when he first entered she started to feel the pleasure of it.

As they walk Ino started to feel to very same verge he felt earlier before. “Oh no! I’m gonna cum! Naruto’s big fat cock up my ass is making me cum!” She thought.

Ino slowed down as she started to slowly cum feeling it travel in between her thighs and down her legs, the same as Naruto’s cum.

They reached the end and there in view was his apartment. She didn’t know if the hard part was walking into the streets or going up the stairs to his apartment. Ino looked to the sides checking if anybody was around and walked toward the stairs while Naruto grabbed onto her waist holding her tightly. Lucky for her they reached the first step as she grabbed onto the rail but this is where the fun began for Naruto. As Ino took a step up he felt her ass feel a little more at ease then standing up.

They already reached halfway up the stairs when Naruto told her to stop.

“Wait stop here.” He said quickly.

Ino turned her head looking back. “Why what’s wrong.” She said quickly.

Naruto let go of her waist and grabbed her arms that were holding onto the rails and pulled them back. He crossed them over each other behind her back. Ino was confused on what he was doing. She was going to scream at him but decided not to or people might hear her.

Naruto made sure he had a grab on both her arms and felt comfortable in the position he was in. Then he started thrusting while he was in her.

Ino looked at Naruto and then around to see if people were even looking. It was a bitter sweet taste, she liked it up the ass but didn’t want the world to know it.

“Ah Naruto what the fuck! People might see us!” She said trying to not be loud.

“Just keep your cool and let me finish.” He said as he kept on going in and out. He didn’t want to thrust fast or her screams would grab attention and decided to just keep it simple.

“Ah! Hurry! Ah ah!” She moaned quietly.

Ino kept on looking back hoping Naruto would finish quick. The only thing she could think of was to squeeze her inner muscles to make it tighter for him. She started doing it and saw that he enjoyed it more.

“I’m gonna cum Ino!” He said.

Ino smiled that he was at that point. “Hurry Naruto! Come in me!” She moaned.

Naruto started to cum in her and stopped his thrusting to relax a bit and waited for himself to finish.

He let go of her arms and they both started to move up the stairs. They finally reached the door and Ino put her hands up against the wall and looked back. Seeing her look back Naruto pulled out of her ass as Ino slowly moved aside for him to open the door.

He starred at the hole he made seeing that most of the area around there was wet by both of their juices. He opened the door since he didn’t lock it and they both entered. He closed it after they entered and turned around to see Ino starring at him with her arms crossed and a mad look on her face.

“You dick! You filled me up while we walked! Couldn’t you’ve waited a bit longer?” She said.

He nervously laughed and scratched the back of his head. “Sorry I couldn’t resist.” He said.

“I’m gonna make you pay for that Naruto.” She said as she started to take off her shirt once more showing her perfect breast and nipples which were turning hard. She also unbuttoned her skirt and let it drop and took off her tights and threw them to the side since they were already ripped just like her ass.

Naruto walks up to her and she grabs him by the shoulders and quickly turns him around and pushes him to the bed. Naruto landed on his ass by the edge of the bed. He looked up at Ino who was walking towards him and stopping between his legs. She got down on her knees and grabbed his penis seeing that it was limp. She stroked it slowly while sucking on its head.

Naruto used his elbows to keep himself up while Ino started to give him a blowjob.

Ino used her tongue to swirl around his shaft. She made sure he got him really wet and started to go deeper too. With her gag reflex kicking in she took him down her throat to make sure she gave him a good blowjob.

“Guah… Naruto you look bigger than I thought. I think I know where you can perfectly fit.” She said.

Ino raised herself up and grabbed her breast together. She placed him in between and started to stroke his dick using her saliva to make it easier for them. Naruto loved her wet and sticky smooth tits and felt himself climaxing soon.

“Ino I’m gonna cum again.” He said.

“Cum then!” She said as she stroked him faster.

Before Naruto can even shoot his load on her, she quickly stood up letting it land on the floor and slowly enveloping itself with cum. Naruto looked at his dick and at Ino wondering why she stood up. Right of the bat he knew this was the payback.

“I’m sorry Naruto.” She apologized. “Here let me make this up to you.”

She got again between his legs and got on top of him. She put her hands on the bed using them to guide herself down his dick.

Ino went slowly since this was her first time. Feeling his hot dick slowly enter her she went down halfway feeling him burrow through her. She slowly dropped all the way and waited for herself to get use to him seeing as he was large and thick.

She lifted her arms and placed them on his abs and started going up and down slowly.

Naruto grabbed her waist to meet up with her and went faster then her so he could make her cum first.

“Damn Ino your pussy is tight!” He said. He stopped meeting up with her and just looked at her jump up and down seeing her tits jiggle.

“You like my dick don’t you?” He asked.

“Yes! Fuck! Naruto! Ah! Ah!” She said.

“Come on, I want to see you bounce on my cock.” He said as he lay back onto the bed.

Ino started to bounce higher feeling herself open up and stretch out each time she went up and down. She already felt herself climaxing and leaned forward placing her arms on his shoulders. Naruto grabbed her ass by the sides and started to thrust in himself.

He kept on going feel her pussy more hot. “You got a nice pussy Ino. I’m going to fuck it and cum inside you.” He said whispering to her ear. Ino just grabbed on tighter to him as he went harder.

“AH! AH! NARUTO! I’M GONNA CUM!” She screamed.

Ino started to cum pouring her hot juice on him which drove him to go even faster. For a bliss moment you could hear a splat from all her wetness before Naruto blew his load in her. They both stopped and waited to catch their breaths. Ino reached back and pulled him out feeling his penis sticky.

She got up and off the bed and turned around. Naruto stood up quickly and grabbed her thighs together and picked her up. He then spreads her apart showing her pussy out openly and slowly lowers her down to enter her.

“What the hell?” She asked confused.

“Like I said, this is mine.” He said and started thrusting up.

Like that he started fucking her while Ino just holds on feeling embarrassed for being wide spread. She thought that as her price to pay and just called it even.

“FUCK NARUTO! AH AH AH! STOP!” She screamed.

Ino already felt herself cumming and couldn’t hold it any longer. She started to cum as it traveled down his sack. Feeling her hot Naruto decided to stop here and lowered her on the floor.

Ino rested feeling herself to see how wet she already is.

Naruto looked at her. “Now let me fuck your ass, bend over and grab your ankles.” He said.

Ino did what he told and reached down to grab onto her ankles waiting for him to enter. Naruto walked up behind her with his dick straight in the angle to her ass. He grabbed it and entered his tip feeling this is going to be fun.

He started thrusting in her ass feeling his penis curve down the more deep he went. Ino felt herself tipping over seeing as he was going fast.

“FUCK NARUTO CALM DOWN!” She screamed.

Naruto kept on going not stopping as usual. Ino this time felt what real anal feels like seeing as he only entered her ass why’ll they walked over here but didn’t’ thrust. She now knew what it was to be force apart if you know what I mean.

“Fuck this ass feels great I’m gonna cum already!” He said.

Naruto started to shoot his loads up her ass as Ino let go of her ankles and stood up letting him finish. Although he was already down Naruto didn’t pull out as Ino turned around to ask why.

“What’s wrong?” She asked.

Naruto grabbed her shoulders and pushed her against a wall. Ino placed her hands on the wall and made her legs straight. Naruto now started to thrust in her again seeing as his cum made it easier for him.

“Aren’t you done?” She asked.

Naruto nodded a no and kept on going. He let go and grabbed her tits rubbing her nipples feeling them hard since she took her shirt off. Naruto kept up the speed and kept on going for it.


Naruto didn’t care as she started to pour her juices down her legs. While naruto enjoyed her ass he too felt himself cumming and went as fast as he can go. Without saying he blew his load up her ass again and leaned forward resting on her back.

As they both rested Ino finally knew what she got herself into. If she kept on going with him she wouldn’t live for tomorrow. She waited for him to pull out and before he can go into any hole again she moved out grabbing her clothes quickly.

Naruto starred at her. “Where are you going?” He said.

Ino didn’t respond till she had her skirt on leaving behind her tights and fish net shirt too. She reached for the door and opened it quickly.

“Sorry Naruto it’s getting late I got to go somewhere tomorrow. How bout we finish this some other time? Yeah? Bye then.” She quickly said closed the door shut. Going down the stairs she scolded herself for sating to finish this another time.

While Naruto slowly poured everything in he knew she dashed for it.

“Fuck! I knew I shouldn’t of have tried anal at first. I was too eager!” He said as he hung his head low walking to his bathroom.

“Well I at least got a taste of that.” He said closing the door.

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