Naruto Pornography Story: Naruto’s bank check methods ch12

Naruto Pornography Story: Naruto’s bank check methods ch12

Tonight Naruto escaped the rage of a demon. He looked back at the hospital as he walked thinking that it sucked he had to leave when he didn’t even finish his whole load. He kept on walking through the streets hanging his head low as he walked very slowly. In a way his plan backfired a little bit but maybe there will be another chance and this chance is only a block away.

Naruto stopped as he spotted a girl at the edge of the block facing the other way. He stood up straight and got closer slowly checking her out.

Not bad, her ass looks pretty fuckable.” He thought to himself.

Naruto got close enough to see who it was. Seeing her hair buns he already knew.

It’s Ten-ten? What could she be doing out here in the middle of the night?” He thought to himself.

Naruto stopped as Ten-ten let out a yawn and raised her hands in the air stretching her upper body and torso. He just starred at her ass since her stretching made her pants tuck in her ass showing its true figure.

“Damn.” He whispered to himself.

Ten-ten started walking slowly that’s when Naruto decided to make his move. He walked up beside and noticed she was in a sad mood, sad enough she didn’t even spot him next to her. He tapped her shoulder that’s when she got startled and finally saw Naruto next to her.

“Oh! Hey Naruto.” She said with not a hint of smile on her face.

Naruto looked worried seeing that she didn’t even give a hint of happiness.

“Hey… what’s got you so sad?” He asks.

Ten-ten looked at Naruto and turned her head back.

“It’s nothing it’s just about Neji and me.” She said.

They kept on walking feeling an awkward tense between them since they barely know each other. Overtime Naruto decided to take action.

“How about you come to my apartment for comfort?” He asked.

Ten-ten looked at him weird, wondering why he would ask that as they walked.

“… Like that you can have someone to talk to about this.” He said.

Ten-ten turned her head to look at him and then turned it back starring at the cold concrete.

“Well, I really don’t want to go home tonight and as long s the food is on you I’ll go to your apartment.” She said.

Naruto smiled. “Sure the food is on me, I have a whole load I’ve wanted to use anyways.” He said speaking not about his food but about his unfinished duty.

They started to walk to the direction of his apartment, walking side by side. While walking next to her Naruto looked at her from the corner of his eyes using his peripherals. He looked at her waist seeing how curve it is and then looked down seeing her ass, it was like a speed bump.

She got a bigger ass than I thought. The more up close I am the bigger it looks, makes me want to pound this bitch already. Whatever Neji did to her to make her like this, it’s up to me to take control and give her what she wants.” He thought to himself.

A few minutes pass and they finally get to his apartment. They went up the stairs and entered. They headed to his kitchen where she took a seat while Naruto prepared his ramen. Naruto grabbed a pot and filled it up with water and placed it on the stove. He took a seat across from Ten-ten and asked again.

“So what happened between you and Neji?” He asked.

Ten-ten looked at him. “Promise not to tell anyone?” She asked. Naruto nodded his head. “After a few months of dating Neji and I started to have protected sex, but besides that I feel like he’s not satisfying my needs anymore.” She said.

Then Naruto stands up and opens a cabinet taking out two cups of ramen and opening them up and placing water in them. Ten-ten had her back to him so she couldn’t see what he was doing.

While Naruto finished filling the cups up with hot water he turned around standing behind her.

“Sorry to be a bother Naruto.” She said as she crossed her legs feeling like she might be bothersome to him.

“No problem I’ll be glad to do whatever I can to help you.” He said. “…Even if it means to satisfy you.”

Naruto reaches down and grabbed her breast through her shirt. Ten-ten jumped feeling him grasp her but he used his other hand to push her down.

“Don’t worry.” He said as he reached down with his other hand and started to rub her pussy.

“Mm Naruto you don’t have to do this.” She said.

“Please let me.” He says as he stops rubbing her pussy and grabs her other tit leaving a wet spot behind. Naruto grabbed her shirt and started to unbutton it slowly. Then Ten-ten grabs her shirt and rips it open showing her bare naked breast as they jiggled. Naruto smiled and reached for her nipples and stared rubbing them between his thumbs and fingers while she started to finger herself.

Ten-ten stood up from her chair and turned around facing Naruto.

“I think I already know what I want to eat.” She said as she moved the chair and got on her knees in front of him.

Naruto whips his dick out in front of her face and she grabbed it and started sucking on his tip. Then she points him up and she licks around it, licking the sides and traveling up to his tip licking under it. She brings him back down and puts him in her mouth and starts sucking his dick making noises as if she really wanted his penis.

“Nngh nngh.” Ten-ten moaned as she was using her saliva to coat his dick and then swallow it in.

Naruto grabs her head. “You know if you’re really hungry why don’t you just take more.” He said as he shoved himself down her throat.

Ten-ten started choking on his dick but took it anyways. After a while he came in her mouth and she pulled him out and sucked his dick by the tip taking in all the cum.

She got up and says. “I think I’m still hungry Naruto.”

“Me too, let me get mine first.” He says as he takes her to his living room.

They both take off their clothes he looks at her body already getting a erection. Ten-ten saw how long he was and knew this was going to be a different experience.

“Get on the bed.” He told her.

She jumped on the bed and after her came Naruto a simple missionary position. He grabbed her legs and opened her up seeing her pussy with her hairs up top. He got closer and entered her pussy while Ten-ten wraps her arms around him feeling him go deeper than Neji ever could.

Naruto started thrusting up her pussy feeling himself push her sides apart.

“O h god you’re so big! Yes aw yes this feels good!” She said.

“I’m going to make this pussy mine.” He said as he started to thrust harder.

Ten-ten was completely silent as she felt her insides pushed apart. All you hear was the bed squeak as Naruto fucked her pussy.

“Fuck! This is too good! Yes! Yes!” She said as she grabbed on tighter to him.

Naruto started to feel her insides tighten up on him and he started going faster.


Naruto started to feel her hot juice spread itself around his penis. She grabbed on tighter as she felt her dripping wet pussy get pounded by him. For a moment you can hear a splat sound when he thrust in her.

“Ten-ten I’m gonna cum inside you!” He said. After a few thrust Naruto came inside of her and they both stopped relaxing a bit.

Naruto pulled out of her and turned her around on her belly. She was now turned full and looked back and Naruto to see what he was doing. Naruto moves down and grabs her thighs spreading her apart as he started to lick her pussy.

Ten-ten grabbed a pillow and squeezed it tight as she felt his tongue slime it way in her. She didn’t know how he did but was excited to even ask.

Naruto stops and moves back up again and rested his head on her back. He slid his penis up her pussy again and started to fuck her again.

“You got a great pussy Ten-ten. I wonder why Neji didn’t hit at it more.” He said.

Naruto lifted himself up and grabbed her ass while he thrust down her pussy. Ten-ten squeezed her inner muscles making it tight for him.

“Fuck this pussy is tight!” He said.


Naruto started to thrust faster and harder while grabbing onto her waist. Without warning she started to cum again and Naruto felt it again. While she was cumming he sped up making her orgasm last longer.

As she just did he too came inside of her and pulled out shooting his load on her ass cheeks and in between.

Naruto got off her and off the bed as did Ten-ten. They both stood still looking at each other.

“Wow Naruto this is really relieving!” She exclaimed.

“I think I know what you would really like, put your hands up against the wall.” He said.

She turned around and put her hands on the wall and waited for Naruto. She hears his steps stop right behind her.

“With a big ass you have it’s bound to get pounded.” He said as he entered her ass.

“Fuck!” She said feeling him spread her ass with his cock and push itself in.

Feeling a big shaft enter her ass, Ten-ten started to shake from her legs, feeling a bit weak.

“Fuck your ass is big, almost my whole length fits in here!” He said. “Unlike Ino’s, who takes it all up the ass.” He thought to himself.

Naruto started thrusting in Ten-ten’s ass as he grabbed onto her waist. He sped up and went harder loving the feeling of her ass.


Naruto didn’t pay attention to what she said and kept his pace. He reached over with one hand and started to massage her breast with his hand.

A few minutes have passed by and her view on anal totally changed.”I LOVE ITUP THE ASS! NARUTO FUCK ME HARDER!” She screamed.

This time naruto did listen and started to ram himself in her ass as he would buck up.

“AH! AH! AH! YE YES!” She screamed.

“Fuck I’m gonna cum!” He said.

Naruto kept on hitting her hard until he finally blew his hot load up her ass. They both stopped and let themselves rest while Naruto was still in her. Ten-ten enjoyed the feeling of his hot and him still in her. While they waited to catch their breath she gave him a little extra and moved her ass in circles feeling him all over her walls.

Naruto finally pulled out of her ass.

“Oh my god Naruto that was incredible! I didn’t think I would love it up the ass.” She said facing him.

“Yeah I kind of thought you would, seeing as you always have normal sex.” He said. “Get on all fours by the edge of the bed.” He said.

She got on the bed and got on all fours with her legs open and her opening facing him. Naruto walked to her and got in between her legs. He placed his tip by her pussy till Ten-ten reached back and grabbed his penis.

“I want it up the ass again.” She said as she let go of his dick.

Naruto smiled and rammed his penis up again her ass. Ten-ten was surprised but knew it was coming. Naruto started to fuck her ass once more as he grabbed onto her waist.

“YES! FUCK ME! YES! AW YES!” She screamed.

Naruto started to spank her ass as he went faster. Ten-ten just grabbed onto his sheets as she was getting fucked and slapped in that ass at the same time. Naruto used one hand to reach over and grab one of her tits while he used the other to finger her pussy.

For a while he fucked her like that while massaging her tit and fingering her pussy.

“FUCK I’M CUMMING NARUTO!” She screamed.

Naruto started to feel his hand get wetter and fingered her more to get her to cum some more. Naruto felt himself too at his climax and started to fuck her hard again.

“AH! AH! AH! AHAH! AAAHHHH!” She screamed as Naruto blew his load in her again.

Ten-ten let herself fall onto the bed exhausted from the ass beating while naruto shot his loads automatically on her thighs.

Finally done resting, she gets off the bed and Naruto tells her to bend over and grab her ankles. Ten-ten felt her muscles stretched as she was bending over to grab her ankles. She suddenly felt his hand on her ass cheek and slide to the middle. Then she felt his other hand as they spread her cheeks apart.

Naruto entered her ass again and placed his hands on her back as he started to thrust. Naruto started to speed up and fuck her harder. Being fucked hard she felt her body loose balance and she let go of her ankles and placed them on the floor.

“AH AH! MMH! AH!” She screamed.

Naruto kept thrusting up her ass as she loved the feeling of his big cock in her. Although she loved Neji, Naruto seemed to satisfy her needs. She started to squeeze her muscles together making it tight for him.

“Fuck I’m gonna cum!” He said.

Ten-ten waited for that hot substance fill her up. Naruto started to release his load in her and bended over as he came more. Ten-ten lets her balance go and falls on the floor. Naruto falls down and enters her ass again feeling it hot. Naruto thrusted a bit up her ass, feeling himself very sensitive after he just came. He grabs her thighs and had a little fun with her ass as he moved in circular motion, he even slapped it seeing her ass jiggle.

He pulls out and he gives her a hand on getting up. He walks to his bed and falls onto it lying down on his back with his erection. Ten-ten walked up to him and got on top. She lowered herself down and decided to give her pussy some attention.

She slid him up her pussy and fell down. She placed her hands on his abs and started jumping as his length went up her pussy. Her tits started to jump also as she went up and down. Naruto reached over and grabbed her ass giving it a few squeezes.

“YES! I LOVE THIS!” She screamed as she jumped more. “AH! AH! I’M CUMMING!”

Ten-ten stopped as she came to stop. She leaned forward resting her head on his chest as she kept on cumming. Naruto still had a grab of her ass and started to fuck her while she was cumming. Feeling him thrust in her again she couldn’t help it and came some more.

For a while Naruto was fucking her ass till Ten-ten raised her upper body. “Let me do this.” She said.

Naruto stopped and looked at Ten-ten as she looked back at her ass and started to move it up and down. Naruto loved how his dick would slide up against the walls. He once again grabbed her ass and felt his hand at her hole and started to finger it.

“AH AH AH AH!” She sounded like she was in a bumpy ride as she moaned.

“I’m gonna cum!” He said.

“Me too!” She replied.

Ten-ten moved her ass as fast as she can till they both blew their juice at the same time. She rested again on his chest as she came and he so did Naruto.

After a while they both finished and he rolled himself to the side. He got off the bed as she rolled to her side to see what he was doing. Naruto was standing by the edge and he grabbed her ankles and pushed her to him. He raised her feet together and placed them both on one side. He entered her ass this time and with on hand he started to finger her pussy.

Ten-ten placed her hands on her ass cheeks as he thrusted. She started to feel herself tense up since she was also being fingered. She started to grab tighter on her ass scratching herself.

Naruto was fucking her ass while fingering her. He thrusted fast and fingered her also to make her cum again.


She started to cum again and since her ass was being raised up her cum started to slide down between her ass cheeks and onto her back. Naruto finally got what he wanted and blew his load up her ass.

He finished and pulled out of her. “You’re a pretty good fuck than I thought.” He said. “Do you want a challenge?” He said.

Ten-ten nodded her head in response. “Get on all fours and suck my dick.”He said.

Ten-ten rolled onto her belly and lifted herself up to his dick on all fours while still on the bed. She started to suck his dick while Naruto summoned a clone standing on the bed behind her. She stopped and looked back feeling someone grab her ass. She saw a clone grab her ass cheeks and spread them as he entered himself in her ass.

The clone started to fuck her while she turned her head and started to suck his dick. She licked mostly at the tip since she found it very sensitive.

While she was getting fucked by the clone she started to feel his hand travel down her waist and felt his fingers in her vagina. She looked up at the Naruto she was sucking.

“AHNGH! AHNGH! AHNGH!” She moaned.

The clone that was ramming himself in her started to cum as she looked back seeing him still cum and fuck at the same time. She turned around and started to get shots if cum on her face and opened her mouth till he stopped.

Both of the clones finished and the clone disappeared. She looked up at Naruto.

“This is the best sex I ever had.” She said as she used her tongue to lick the cum off around her lips.

Naruto smiled. “You like getting fucked in the ass that’s all.” He said. “Just like Ino.”

She got off the bed and onto her knees and sucked his dick again. “Mmhm.” She said.

Clearly it was because of the size of his cock.

“How about I give you a facial?” He asked.

She nodded her head since she was still sucking his dick. Naruto pulled himself out and grabbed her breast. Ten-ten grabbed his dick and placed him in between. She started to stroke his dick with her tits as she looked down feeling her sticky saliva coat her skin.

For a while he tity fucked her till he pulled out and started to jack off furiously in front of her.

“Here I come.” He stated.

Naruto shot a stream of cum onto her face. “Whoa!” She said as she was came on. She couldn’t believe the amount that was coming out of him and raised her hand to stop the flow as the cum started to travel down her arms length.

Although Naruto didn’t finish his sex with Sakura he found someone else to finish on. Today his plan worked well and who knows if she might come back for more. It’s already been at least weeks since he’s been here in Konoha, who knows if his actions might already be spreading around, who knows if there might be someone out there wanting to get in on some of this action. Could all this attention on Naruto mean more kunoichi, princess’s and priestess or could it mean he might be kicked out again by the same man.

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