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Naruto Porn Story: Two Goddesses

Naruto Porn Story: Two Goddesses

Anko was walking down the corridor that made up part of the abandon layer that used to belong to Orochimaru that Naruto, her master and lover, and her had repossessed for their own uses a little while back.

She heard her Master cackle madly in glee causing her, his faithful follower, to hurry to the entrance to the lab he was in and burst into the room quickly.

“What is it Naruto-sama?”

All it took was for Naruto to merely glance at her with his most lustful eyes for Anko to know immediately what had happened, after all, Master was always horny after an experiment goes his way.

“I have successfully recreated and improved the Edo-Tensai without the zombie part.”

Anko’s eyes widened in disbelief, she knew Naruto was a true scientific genius as he had taken over the ANBU R&D department when he was only fourteen years old and held it for a very short time before they were forced out of Konoha de to a couple of experiments that went wrong.

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