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Big tits and clean shaved pussy – not every day you see Tsunade like this

Narutos Lady Tsunade Having Sex

Hentai Picture: Big tits and clean shaved pussy – not every day you see Tsunade like this
Reveal the most salacious bootylicious fancy of the benign Naruto valiants and evil geniuses rolling odd and red-hot fuck-fest after hosting for world-wide presidence… Nicely equipped street-walker from Naruto is bobbing under hard pussy penetration inside current article! Tsunade does a French job and demonstrates her bushy cunt while slamming her ass down on cock in front of the cam.

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Naruto Porn Story: Pile Of Lemons chapter 6

Naruto Porn Story: Pile Of Lemons chapter 6

_-_-_-_-_The Same Day_-_-_-_-_

Naruto was headed to the Hyuuga compound. He and Hinata were supposed to go train today, he knew there wasn’t going to be much training going on however. If he knew Hinata as well as he thought he did and how horny she might be he might just have his hands full for awhile. So after about twenty minutes of walking and some thoughts on exactly how he was going to stick it to his Hyuuga slut (He still felt slightly bad calling her that, even with her permission, it was getting easier though.) he finally got to the gates of the compound. He was about to open them when one of the guards stepped forward.

“Hello Uzumaki Naruto Lady Hinata-sama has informed me that she cannot go training with you today. She also told me to give you this letter, once you arrived.” The guard explained before walking back to his post.

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Naruto Porn Story “Training”

One day Hinata was training in the woods of the hidden leaf village. Naruto heard her as he was passing by he took one quick look and saw that hinata was training naked and a few seconds later naruto was hard and couldnt stop watching hinata as she trained naked right in front of him. But eventually watching wasnt enough so naruto started walking out after hinata. Hinata started to turn to leave but when she saw who it was she stayed and told naruto to come closer and when naturo was a few inches away from hinata she reached down his pants and feeling the warm squeez of her hand on his dick made him flinch. Hinata took that as a good sign so she pulled his pants down and began sucking on it and in no more than 20 seconds hinata felt naruto’s warm cum shot into her mouth so much shot in that it over flowed in her mouth she swallowed as much as she could and before she had anytime to react she was pinned on the ground and felt naruto’s dick jamming in her pussy and with a sharp gasp hinata let out a long sigh of plesure feeling naruto’s dick going in and out of her pussy so fast she came and so did naruto again and as so as she felt his dick leave her pussy she fel it jam into her ass she strugled and told naruto not to in that area but naruto didnt lesten and started going faster and harder with hinata’s cries of pain naruto only went faster until he came again and again no time to react naruto fliped hinata over and shoved it between her tits and into her mouth again naruto’s fast and hard pounding started to hurt hinata’s mouth and after the forth time he came naruto created some shadow clones so he could fuck hinata in every hole at the same time and after a few hours of being fuck by 5 diffrent naruto’s the clones poofed away and naruto leaft leaving behind hinata exhausted and covered with his cum and some still leaking out of he ass pussy and he mouth.

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